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Baader Maxbright II Binoviewers - now in stock

Baader Maxbright II Binoviewers - now in stock

Stocks of the long and eagerly awaited Baader Maxbright II Binoviewers are now here! We have in stock the popular variants of these binoviewers
  • Maxbright II body only
  • Maxbright II with 1.25" nosepiece
  • Maxbright II with 2" nosepiece

See further down this page for these packages and links to them on our website. 

Some of the main features of this new model include:

  • Unique in-house produced die-cast moulds using Carl Zeiss production drawings.
  • Use of 27mm size prisms with 26mm clear aperture on the telescope side and 25.5mm clear aperture on the eyepiece side.
  • All optical surfaces have a 7-layer multi-coating for highest light throughput.
  • Ergonomically designed non-marring ClickLock® eyepiece clamps with diopter adjustment for easy individual focusing.
  • Telescope side uses Baader's Astro T-2 System™ with connector thread (M 42 x 0.75) and Zeiss micro-bayonet for the shortest possible connection to (almost) all existing telescope systems and accessories such as Baader Herschel Wedge and Flip Mirror II.
  • Short overall optical tube path length of 110 mm (+/- 1 mm tolerance) and weight of 595g which is nearly 200g lighter than the Baader Mark V binoviewers.
  • Extensive range of accessories including Glasspath correctors, T-2 diagonals, Flip Mirror II and Alan Gee Telecompressor II.
The Maxbright II binoviewer range is supplied with a strong well padded case to keep safe during storage and transit.

The Maxbright II binoviewer body only and 1.25"/2" nosepiece packages are available now.
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