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Baader Planetarium Steeldrive II motor focuser with controller

Baader Planetarium Steeldrive II motor focuser with controller

The Baader Planetarium Steeldrive II motor focuser with controller is now available. This is a very high quality unit and made in Germany. The housing is made in-house at Baader from CNC-milled aluminium and the electronic boards are also made by a German manufacturer according to Baader's design and specifications.
The main features include:
  • High precision focusing motor for very heavy loads (up to 8 kg), with temperature compensation
  • Timing belt eliminates backlash, fits onto all Baader Steeltrack® focusers (classic and Diamond), can be adapted to other focusers like the FeatherTouch by Starlight Instruments. Adaptors for other focusers than the Steeltrack® (classic and Diamond) are not included.
  • Contactless Homing Sensor for precise homing and repeatable approach of saved absolute positions as well as reference of the mechanical endstop – perfect for remote observatories
  • Intuitive hand control with back-illuminated keys to quickly change between normal speed, jogging mode and single step mode
  • Has a 12 V / 1A PWM power output: e. g. for a dew shield heater. A dew shield heater can be connected with an optional adaptor cable (sold separately). The temperature can be controlled precisely via the temperature sensor(s) attached to the Steeldrive
  • Remote-focusing is possible with a PC with USB-port and includes powerful SteelGo-software (as a download).
Here are some videos that show the installation of the motor focuser, its functionality with its controller and the SteelGo software in use.
To find out more about this new product from Baader you can download some PDF manuals by clicking on the links below: 
The Steeldrive II is available from your local/favourite astronomy retailer.
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