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Baader Q-Turret 1.25" Eyepiece Revolver

Baader Q-Turret 1.25" Eyepiece Revolver

Imagine this scenario - you are at your telescope with a few eyepieces. You want to get closer, or wider views of a celestial object. This means you have to swap out one eyepiece and insert another..and another. A different scenario could be that you have an object like the Moon or a planet centered in your eyepiece but you want to take an image with your planetary imaging camera such as the Celestron Skyris (currently on offer). Again, you have to swap out your eyepiece and insert your camera. So, what if there was an accessory where you don't have to swap out one eyepiece for another eyepiece, or a camera?
Enter the Baader Q-Turret 1.25" revolving eyepiece holder!
Baader Q-Turret
The Baader Q-turret revolving eyepiece holder allows you to quickly switch between four 1.25-inch eyepieces, or for example three eyepieces and planetary camera, by simply rotating the holder either in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The turret revolving mechanism will ensure precise alignment of the eyepiece ports when each port is rotated into the light path.
Baader Q-Turret installed in a telescope
To use, simply insert the Q-turret into your focuser and then insert your chosen eyepiece/camera combination(s) and start observing!
The Q-Turret body is made of a high density robust plastic making it light in weight. This means that simple rack and pinion or Crayford focusers do not become overloaded causing them to slip. The eyepiece locking screws are metal and are threaded into brass inserts in the plastic eyepiece holder tube. The turret, when fitted to a focuser, will move an eyepiece farther out by about 1.5"/38mm. It will fit Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, most refractors and also Newtonian telescopes providing the telescopes have sufficient back focus.
Baader Q-Turret with eyepieces
This inexpensive Baader product is a very useful accessory for visual observers or imagers too and also makes a great Christmas present too!
It is available from your local or favourite astronomy retailer (see
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