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Baader Sky Surfer V - updated version

Baader Sky Surfer V - updated version

Baader Planetarium has recently released an updated version of its popular Sky Surfer V finder scope. Originally designed for military use, the Sky Surfer V has exceptional built quality with the unit being water resistant and shockproof and the optics fog proof, all of which should make it last for many years.

The finderscope is of the red-dot type, and can be used for both during daytime terrestrial and night time astronomical use. The red dot has 11 brightness settings, with the three lowest brightness levels being suitable for night-time use. The large 40mm diameter optics allows both eyes to be used to help sight objects and the optics are all multi-coated to provide maximum light throughput.

The Sky Surfer V also has a nice and nifty feature for solar observers too. The unit comes supplied with two jump-cover dust protectors with the objective end cover having a 0.7mm centre hole and the rear cover having a 40mm diameter yellow opaque cross hair reticle (with UV/IR blocker). When both the covers are in their closed position the Sky Surfer V then works as a "camera obscura projection" solar finder for a quick and safe way of locating the Sun (remember that your telescope should already have a safe solar filter on and that the Sun must never be viewed without a safety filter!).

Baader Sky Surfer V in Solar Viewing Mode

The finder fits most telescopes using a standard mini dovetail and also comes complete with a 70mm length finder stalk-mount and a finder bracket base. More information can be found here:…/baader-sky-surfer-v-re…

The Sky Surfer V is available now from your favourite astronomical supplier.

We will also do an in-depth look at the Sky Surfer V soon.

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