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Baader Universal Filter Changer (UFC): Simple photographic use example

Baader Universal Filter Changer (UFC): Simple photographic use example

We've been asked a few times recently on how to set up the Baader UFC for use with a DSLR and a range of wide-field imaging refracting telescopes. So we thought we would write a short blog on some ways this can be done.

Baader UFC System Diagram

UFC System chart

Let us start from the telescope side first. All the enquiries we have had, the wide field refractors have 2" barrel focusers, so there is our starting point. The telescope side of the UFC Base (to which everything else in the UFC system is connected to) uses Baader's S70 dovetail adaptors to allow the UFC to fit to telescopes. Looking at the UFC main diagram above (or checking our UFC telescope side adaptor blog: part 5 here) Baader do a 2" adaptor (#2459128) that allows 2"/SC male-thread accessories to be used.

Baader S70 2"/SC telescope adaptor

2" / SC S70 Dovetail Telescope side adaptor for the UFC Base

Baader offer their 2" Nosepiece with 2" filter thread (Astro T-2 part #19 - #2408155) or their 2" Safety Kerf nosepiece with 2" filter thread (Astro T-2 part #19A - #2408156. The image below shows the latter 2" nosepiece attached to the UFC S70 2"/SC adaptor. Using one of these will allow the UFC to be attached to a telescope with a 2" focuser.

Baader S70 with 2" Safety Kerf Nosepiece

 UFC S70 2"/SC adaptor with a 2" nosepiece attached

Moving away from the telescope side, we next encounter the UFC Base itself to which the telescope side and camera side adaptors attach and the filter slider is inserted into. You can read more about the UFC Base in part 2 of our series of blogs here.

 UFC Base

For the filter slider either the 2" mounted, 2" unmounted or 50x50mm square versions can be used depending on what filters you currently have or may want to purchase. Using smaller filters (with one of the Aux holders) will likely cause vignetting depending on the size [age] of your camera's sensor). More information on the UFC sliders can be found in part 3 of our UFC blogs here.

UFC Filter sliders

UFC Filter sliders

Next we get to the camera side of the UFC Base.

There are three possible "routes" for attaching a DSLR camera:

  • T-2 camera adaptor (#2459115) to allow the use of standard T-rings
  • M48 camera adaptor (#2459116) to allow use of wide (M48) T-rings for cameras with larger full-frame sized sensors.

Baader T-2 UFC a camera adaptor

  • Baader S52 dovetail camera adaptor (#2459119) for use with S52 dovetail accessories such as Baader's Protective EOS T-Ring (which can also be used with T-2 and M48 camera adaptors - see below) or Baader's range of S52 wide T-rings

Baader Protective T-Ring for Canon EOS

Baader Protective T-ring with S52 dovetail (and T-2, M48 and 2" nosepiece) attachments.

So lets put all of this together. In the image below we have an example setup based on what we have written above. From right to left: we have

  • A telescope with a 2" focuser
  • Baader 2" nosepiece with safety kerf (#2408156)
  • Baader S70 2"/SC telecsope side adaptor (#2459128) - shown with 1 mm thick spacer ring to fasten 2" nosepieces that have a longer thread
  • UFC Base (#2459110) with a 2" mounted filter slider (#2459112) ready to be inserted
  • Baader S52 camera adaptor (#2459119)you can also use a T-2 camera adaptor (#2459115) for standard T-rings or the M48 camera adaptor (#2459116) to allow use of wide (M48) T-rings
  • T-ring: in the example set up image below this is the Baader Canon EOS Protective T-ring (without any inserts) - (#2958550). You can use standard or wide T-rings providing you choose the appropriate UFC camera adaptor (see above).

Baader UFC Example Photo Set up

Baader UFC example imaging set up for use with a 2" barrel focuser and a T-ring

In a future blog we will look at other ways the UFC can be used for imaging purposes, including how to set the UFC up for use with focal reducers/field flatteners. 

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