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Celestron Focus Motor for Celestron SCT, Edge HD and RASA Telescopes

Celestron Focus Motor for Celestron SCT, Edge HD and RASA Telescopes

There is nothing worse than a photograph that is out of focus! That applies to taking a holiday snap or astrophotography. Focusing is essential to obtaining a good astrophoto but it can be sometimes tricky, or time consuming to do, to get sharp focus. 

Celestron have announced a new electronic focus motor to help you achieve perfect focus quickly and easily. This electronic focuser will fit the following OTA's produced after 2006 (not compatible with older models or 5” SCTs):

Celestron Focus Motor

The focus motor unit comes complete with all the parts needed to fit to your telescope and it is easy to install (see >>here<< for details easy to follow instructions on fitting the unit). The unit essentially replaces the (manual) focus knob with an "electronic version".

 Celestron Motor Focus with included parts

For those of you that are using a Celestron computerised mount, the Focus Motor can be powered and controlled through the mount using the AUX cable that is supplied with the unit, and allows the focuser to be controlled from the mount’s NexStar+ (or StarSense) hand controller (or a PC). This means that there is no extra handset needed to operate the focuser.

The focuser can also be controlled via software from a PC USB port (a user supplied USB A-to-B cable is required), and thus allows for remote operation.

Celstron Focuser controlled by PC

Celestron offers a free software program (called Focuser Utility; to have a look at the software you can download it >>here<<) to allow the following functionality of the Focus Motor unit:

  • multiple focuser movement speed rates
  • focuser movement in and out
  • automatic move focuser to a specific indexed position
  • compensate for backlash

Celestron Focus Utility Software

It can also be controlled with Celestron's PWI (PlaneWave Instruments) software too (that comes with the Celestron CGX/CGX-L mounts). Furthermore, the unit is ASCOM compliant so can also be controlled via popular third party software such as Sequence Generator Pro (SGP), MaximDL etc. 

This is an extremely useful accessory both for those that want to use their telescope visually, or for those undertaking astrophotography with an SCT, Edge HD or RASA telescope.

We will let you know when these arrive and become available (and we will do another blog too about too!) 

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