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Celestron Lens Pen Cleaner

Celestron Lens Pen Cleaner

The Celestron Lens Pen cleaning accessory, as its name suggests, is cleaning tool looks like, and is not much bigger, than a writing pen.

There are two cleaning "tools" contained as part of the Lens Pen. At one end has a retractable soft brush for gently brushing away dust or other loose debris. The other end of the pen features a 14mm circular soft pad that uses a dry non-toxic environmentally friendly compound for removing stubborn marks such as fingerprints, eye-lash oils, dried water marks etc. The cap that protects the circular pad, has an insert that replenishes the cleaning compound on the pad when replaced.

The pen can be used not only on camera lenses, but also on eyepieces, objective lenses on refractors, Schmidt Cassegrain corrector plates and more. I often use it to clean my glasses! The Celestron Lens Pen is small enough and light enough that its ideal to always have handy in your telescope accessory case or your camera bag especially. It is also ideal to have when going away on holiday, as the Lens Pen uses a dry cleaning compound so there are no liquids to worry about!

This very useful, popular and inexpensive cleaning tool is available from your favourite astronomy retailer.

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