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Celestron Lithium Pro Powertank

Celestron Lithium Pro Powertank

The new Celestron 12V Powertank Lithium Pro portable power tank is now here!

Celestron have developed their Lithium and Lithium Pro Powertanks with safety in mind using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rather than the less reliable Lithium Cobalt Oxide. Although this costs a little more, the Celestron LiFePO4 power supplies can have over 2000 charge cycles per battery compared to just ~500 for the Lithium Cobalt Oxide type making it more cost effective overall. They also have an impressive un-charged shelf life of up to 10 years too.

The new Lithium Pro powertank is a "beefed" up version of the original LiFePO4 Powertank power supply. It can power your telescope, and can also run multiple devices, for up to ~17 hours. The unit comes equipped with two power supply ports; a 12V DC 5A telescope power port (a cable is included) and a 12V 10A DC car battery (cigar lighter) type socket. The power supply also features two 5V DC USB ports with one port having 2.1A of output and the other that supports rapid charging capability.

To help when you set your equipment up, or when you take your telescope down, or even if you drop something whilst you are at your telescope, the Lithium Pro features a useful built in LED strip-light. The LED lighting can be set to be red in colour (for night time astronomy use) or to bright white. Another useful feature is that the unit comes with a 2" velcro strap so that the power supply can be secured to your telescope's tripod leg so that the unit is kept off the ground and out of your way.

More information can be found here: and a video tour of the powertank can be viewed here

The Powertank Lithium Pro is now available from your favourite astronomy dealer.

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