Celestron's Wide T-Adaptor for EdgeHD Telescopes

Celestron's Wide T-Adaptor for EdgeHD Telescopes

A lot of people who own one of the larger Celestron EdgeHD telescopes, and do astroimaging, may think that there is just one T-adaptor that allows them to attach their camera to their telescope - however, Celestron actually do two. 

The standard EdgeHD T-adaptor for the 9.25",11" and 14" models is manufactured with a 42mm T-thread on the camera side. This Celestron adaptor, and the standard T-rings if used, are fine for use with APS-C sized DSLR's and Mirrorless cameras or imaging cameras with small imaging sensors. However for those that have, or want to use a camera with a larger format full frame sensor, such as a full-frame DSLR, then Celestron's 48mm EdgeHD T-adaptor is the one to go for.  

Celestron Wide-T 48mm adaptor

The best way to understand why this is, is to look at image below. This shows the difference between using a standard T-ring versus an M48 wide T-ring with a camera fitted with a full frame chip.

  • The image below left shows a standard M-42 T-ring attached to the camera body. It can be seen that the inside of the T-adaptor "cuts off the corners" of the sensor leading to reduced illumination (vignetting).
  • The image below right shows an M48 T-ring attached to a camera. The wider inside diameter of the M48 T-ring does not interfere with the edges of the imaging sensor.

Celestron Wide T adaptor

So if you have a small sensor camera (e.g. APS-C DSLR) the standard EdgeHD T-Adaptor (42mm) is fine and the product code for that adaptor is #93646.

If you require the M48 wide T-Adaptor the code, we have discussed here, the product code you need to ask for, or order, is #93622. You will also need a wide T-ring specific for your DSLR camera too.

The wide Celestron T-adaptor, and wide T-rings, can be obtained from your local or favourite astronomy retailer (see here).

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