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First Light Result with a Celestron RASA 8"

First Light Result with a Celestron RASA 8"

A few weeks ago Stacey Downton (AstroStace) was luckily enough (with the bad weather we have been having recently) to get first light with a Celestron RASA 8". Along with the astrograph was the Celestron RASA 8 Light Pollution (LP) Imaging Filter, which is a very useful and important "addition" to the imaging train given her (Bortle 8) light polluted sky. 

Her first light image was of the Andromeda Galaxy and its neighbours. She used a colour CMOS camera with the RASA and the LP filter, and the final detailed image (below) is the result of just 33 x 30 second exposures (~16.5min total!).... Amazing!

M31 with a RASA 8" taken by Stacey Downton

Not long after the above image was taken, the skies cleared for a short while for Stacey to obtain a "2nd light" image. Using the same set-up, she obtained an image of the Ghost Nebula in the constellation of Cassiopeia. The image below is the result of 38 x 30 second exposures (19 mins total) and the haunting, eerie ghostly figure can easily be seen (in readiness Halloween!). Unfortunately due to a deterioration in the conditions Stacey was not able to capture more but its a target she will return to again once we get more clear skies. 

Ghost Nebula in Cassiopeia taken with a RASA 8" by Stacey Downton

We very much appreciate and thank Stacey for letting us use her images in this short blog and on our homepage slider. You can read more on her "first light with the RASA 8" on her blog.

The Celestron RASA 8" is available in the following configurations:

The Light Pollution Imaging filter is an optional extra and you can read more about this here

 RASA 8" Variations

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