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Imaging the winter sky with the Celestron 8" RASA

Imaging the winter sky with the Celestron 8" RASA

After our recent post on imaging the autumn sky with Celestron's 8" RASA telescope, we had a lot of enquiries about many aspects of this telescope and imaging with it.

As that blog post proved to be popular, we've decided to follow it up with an "imaging the winter sky with the 8" RASA" post too, as although we're just into the autumn season, the winter sky is not too far behind! As in our earlier related blog we have set the field of view display in Stellarium for a camera that utilises the telescope's 22mm diameter image circle which gives a 3.15° field. The field of view is shown in yellow. There are certainly a lot of amazing celestial objects very well suited to image with the RASA 8" and here are a selection of them.

Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree Cluster in Monoceros IC2169, IC2245, IC2247, IC2167 - reflection nebulae in Monoceros Little Beehive cluster in Cancer Seagull nebula between Monoceros and Canis Major Flaming Star nebula in Auriga Monkey Head nebula in Orion Jellyfish nebula in Gemini Thor's Helmet in Canis Major Witch Head nebula in Orion ...and finally, these four nebulae are probably the ones that we associate the winter sky the most.

Rosette Nebula in Monoceros Messier 45 - the Pleiades open cluster in Taurus The Horsehead nebula in Orion ...and the great Orion Nebula - Messier 42 - in Orion

The Celestron RASA 8" is available to buy direct from ourselves.

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