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ISS Transit of the Sun 23rd April 2020

ISS Transit of the Sun 23rd April 2020

If you live on a line between Southport on the west coast, through Leeds, to Hornsea on the east coast of the UK then tomorrow, 23rd April 2020, the International Space Station will transit the Sun!!

The approx time for this transit 0909h and will last ~1.4s : the exact time, ISS transit path and length of transit will depend on your location. So if you have suitable Solar safety equipment (e.g. Baader Solar film, Herschel wedge) why not try and observe/capture this event.

Please note that for safety you must use suitable Solar safety equipment!! For example see a selection from Baader Planetarium here.

For information on this and other ISS transits for your location visit:

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