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New CPWI Software Release

New CPWI Software Release

Celestron have released the latest version of their CPWI - version 2.3.4.

At the moment, to download this new release, run your current version and there will be a message to say a new version is available and do you wish to download it. Select to download and the new version download will begin. 

Here is a summary of some of the new features and fixes in the new 2.3.4 release, which includes a new user interface.

  • Removes false disconnection issues
  • User interface (UI) improvements including support for red filter.
  • Enhanced focuser support (ASCOM + gamepad + slew control dialog)
  • Added Hot Key dialog with new hot keys
  • GPS Accessory support
  • Support for Sync added to UI
  • PEC enhancements (returns to star after seek index + UI improvements)
  • Added 3 Messier Objects to the off line catalog (M25, M40, M45)
  • Trial support for CGE, Advanced GT, and most GT mounts
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Known issue: ASCOM pulse guiding not working with MC firmware 6.12 - 6.17.
  • Known issue: ASCOM SideOfPier() returns ASCOM SideOfPier(current position)

CPWI new release

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