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New version release of Celestron PWI software

New version release of Celestron PWI software

Celestron's PWI Telescope control software (CPWI) can be used for all their computerised GOTO mounts. It uses PointXP mount modelling, the same technology found is their StarSense AutoAlign accessory, which accepts numerous star alignment points to give very high pointing accuracy. It can also control their SCT/EdgeHD/RASA Focus Motor.

Celestron have released a new version of this software - 2.3.5 - with the following amendments and fixes:

• "Hotkeys feature overhauled",
• "Added dead zone setting to Gamepad configuration",
• "Reconfigured speed ranges on Gamepad configuration",
• "Feature added to goto a specific RA/Dec location",
• "Updated the manual",
• "Corrected behavior of ASCOM_Telescope.SideOfPier()",
• "Added fix for ASCOM guiding on mounts with old firmware (less than 6.18)",
• "Added ASCOM.Action (Telescope:AddAlignmentReference,ra:dec)",
• "Revised PEC dialogs to make them more clear"
• "Slew rates for the mount and focuser persist when the dialog is hidden/closed"

If you already have CPWI when you next run it it should state there is a new version available. For those who have not used it yet, you can download it from:

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