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Powering your telescopes from a Celestron Power Tank

Powering your telescopes from a Celestron Power Tank

With the longer darker nights fast approaching, we can think about either getting our telescope(s) out and start using them, or even buying a new telescope. For those wanting a scope that has computerised GOTO functionality, such as the highly popular and easy to use such as the Celestron Nexstar ( series, one accessory that is a must, and is sometimes overlooked when initially buying a a power supply.

Although telescopes can be powered from a suitable mains adaptor, this means you a largely restricted to being somewhere with AC power access. So what if you want a bit more "freedom". Telescopes like the Nexstar (or SLT) series can be powered from AA batteries but these can end up being expensive and also can be affected by the cold.

Celestron offer a range of 4 portable, rechargeable battery power supplies called Powertanks, ranging from sealed Lead-acid units to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) ones. Each come with a suitable charger and also have a red light for night time use (so not to "destroy" your dark adapted night vision).

Celestron have just released a short but very useful guide to powering a telescope using their range of Powertanks. So if you are considering one its well worth a read.

You can find the article here:

Powertanks are available from your favourite or local astronomy retailer.

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