Some new Celestron products - coming soon!

Some new Celestron products - coming soon!

Although the main Autumn/Winter observing season is coming to a close (the Spring Equinox has just passed), product developments and releases from Celestron doesn't stop! Here is a list of upcoming new products that will soon be available from your local/favourite astronomy retailer (>>here<<) soon

Focus Motor for Celestron SCT, EdgeHD and RASA Telescopes and a Motor Focuser Retro Fit Kit for the RASA 11: The Motor Focuser allows you to precisely control the focusing of your telescope from a PC. The easy to install retro fit kit allows the motor focuser to be used with the RASA 11". Read our blog for more information on the Celestron Motor Focuser >>here<<. For more details on the Motor Focuser see >>here<< and the RetroFit kit >>here<<

Celestron Motor Focuser for SCT, EdgeHD and RASA Telescopes

Celestron Motor Focuser for SCT, EdgeHD and RASA Telescopes (left) and the Motor Focuser RetroFit Kit for the RASA 11" (right)

Neutral Density 1.25" Moon Filter: This will reduce the amount of light entering the eyepiece by 87% making the Moon more comfortable to view, especially when its near its Full phase. More details >>here<<.

Celestron Neutral Density Filter

Celestron Neutral Density Filter

Variable Polarising 1.25" Filter: Unlike regular Moon Filters and Neutral Density Filters, this filter allows the brightness of an object being viewed to be reduced to just 1% or as much as 40% by simply rotating the filter’s lower ring. See more >>here<<

Celestron Variable Polarising Filter

 Celestron Variable Polarising Filter

Celestron 5" SCT on an Advanced VX German equatorial mount: The Advanced VX mount is one of the most popular easy to use German equatorial GoTo mounts to date ... and now its been bundled with a very popular SCT OTA - the 5" version - making this a very portable visual and imaging set up.  More details >>here<<.

Celestron AVX with 5" SCT

Celestron AVX GoTo mount with 5" SCT


Celestron Astro Fi 6" SCT: Joining the easy to use, portable GoTo Astro Fi range is a larger aperture 6" SCT model. Celestron's  Astro Fi series of alt-az mounts emits its own wireless connection to Celestron’s FREE SkyPortal app, which you install on your mobile phone or table, to provide easy remote observing. SkyPortal app replaces the usual "traditional" telescope hand controller to give a 100% wireless experience. To use the telescope you simply tap the object you want to view in the SkyPortal App and then watch your Astro Fi telescope automatically slew to the object. More details >>here<<.

Celestron Astro Fi 6" SCT

Celestron Astro Fi 6" SCT

NexStar Evolution 5" SCT: Featuring a sturdy single-fork arm mount, built-in long life (~10 hour) Lithium Iron battery and SkyPortal WiFi, this new portable 5" SCT Evolution model offers an excellent, affordable way to get started exploring the night sky. More details >>here<<.

Celestron Evolution 5" SCT

NexStar Evolution 5" SCT

NexStar 5" & 6" SCT's: Celestron’s innovative NexStar SLT (Star Locating Telescope) range has been one their most popular and highly regarded series as they are easy to set up and use thanks to its user-friendly computerised interface and high quality optics. Now Celestron have added 5" and 6" Schmidt Cassegrain optics to the range, which are ideal for both planetary and deep-sky viewing. These 5" & 6" SCT SLT models are an ideal balance between portability, ease of use, light gathering ability and price. More details of the SLT 5" SLT >>here<< and the 6" SLT >>here<<.

Celestron Nexstar SLT 5" and 6" SCT's

NexStar 5" & 6" SCT's


CGX700 Maksutov-Cassegrain: This is a specialised instrument comprising a 7" Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA mounted on a heavy duty CGX German equatorial mount. Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes are usually used for detailed, high contrast observations of the Moon and planets, but are also well suited for smaller, fainter, deep sky objects such as globular clusters and planetary nebulae. With the high powers that are often used for such viewing, and imaging, such telescopes need to be mounted on a sturdy mount and Celestron's CGX "fits that bill". Find out more >>here<<
Celestron CGX700 Maksutov Cassegrain

CGX700 Maksutov-Cassegrain : 7" Maksutov Cassegrain and CGX mount.

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