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That Baader Morpheus Metal Clip Thing.....

That Baader Morpheus Metal Clip Thing.....

Since we published our recent introductory "Meet the Baader Morpheus Eyepieces" blog, we've had a number of enquiries on the "focal length indicator clip" - what is it for and how can it be used.

With each Baader Morpheus eyepiece you will get a number of useful accessories including a handy Cordura eyepiece storage pouch and a stainless steel rectangular clip. The clip is designed to be be attached to the Morpheus eyepiece holster’s front cover flap. It can also be attached to the Baader Utility Bag too.

On the front-side of the clip there is a what can be described as a series of "U-shaped holes". There are six of these "U-shaped" holes that represent the six Morpheus eyepieces.

Focal length-clip

Focal length-clip. One of the "fingers" in the U shaped pattern is bent upwards in the image above.

 Out of the box, little metal “fingers” that are in the middle of each of the U-shaped holes are laid flat. However these little fingers can be bent upwards. By having a variation of these fingers bent upwards can help identify, in a tactile "touch and feel way" using your fingers, palm or back of your hand, what eyepiece is inside its storage bag. This is a quick and easy way of finding your eyepiece in the dark without the need to open the storage pouch and use a torch.

For example the number of fingers bent upwards could represent eyepieces of increasing focal lengths. You could have one finger bent upwards that would represent the smallest 4.5mm focal length eyepiece (see below); Two metal fingers bent upwards for the 6.5mm eyepiece etc, and with all of the fingers upwards for the longest focal length 17.5mm eyepiece.

Morpheus Eyepiece holster with focal length clip attached. Morpheus Eyepiece holster with focal length clip attached. One of the metal fingers can be seen to be bent upwards.


Although these clips are now supplied as standard with each eyepiece, if you do not have any or have lost one or more, the good news is that these are now being made available on their own. These are available from ourselves or from one of our Baader dealers.

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