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The Baader Steeldrive II Motor Focuser: Due soon

The Baader Steeldrive II Motor Focuser: Due soon

It has been a long time coming, but it will not be long now before the Steeldrive II motor focuser units will become available from your astronomy dealer (see here). The final prototype was shown in Germany in September 2018 and we were very happy and privileged to be able to show it at the European AstroFest event in London last week.

Below is an introductory video showing the unit in operation and some of its features

A few key features of the Steeldrive motor focuser are:

  • High precision motor unit (focusing resolution is 2.5μm) with belt drive to eliminate backlash
  • Can lift up to 8kg of payload attached to the focuser
  • Can fit the popular (original and Diamond) Baader SteelTrack focusers and can be adapted to fit other focusers
  • Comes with a hand controller with back illuminated keys for motor control
  • Three different focusing modes with controller
  • Has a contactless (Hall-effect) homing sensor for precise focus homing
  • Temperature compensation with or without use of a PC 
  • Comes with SteelGo control software and can also be controlled using 3rd party software via ASCOM 

We'll do a fuller report soon but we wanted to give you a taste of this highly anticipated and useful accessory.

Motor and Hand controller

Steeldrive II Motor and Hand Controller

Steeldrive II Hand controller

Steeldrive II Hand Controller with red back-lighting for night-time use.

Steeldrive Motor

Steeldrive II Motor with belt drive


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