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The Moon: 50 Years since Apollo 11 Landed

The Moon: 50 Years since Apollo 11 Landed

Paul Money has kindly sent us an image of the Moon as it looked early last Sunday (21st July) morning at 04:42h. Fifty years ago, at this time, the Apollo 11 - Armstrong & Aldrin - Moon walk and exploration was well underway. 

To take this lovely image, Paul used his 20" Dobsonian telescope, smartphone and a Celestron NexYZ smartphone adaptor attached to a Celestron 26mm 1.25" eyepiece (one of his favourites as it has a very flat field of view). You can read our "closer look" at the NexYZ in our blog here and read the Sky at Night magazine review online here.

What a nice way to mark and record this achievement. Its amazing to look at such an image and think that humans have walked on that celestial body.

The Moon - 50 years since Apollo 11

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