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Baader Dual Mode Cable Set for Celestron LiFePO4 Power Tanks

SKU 2457635

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  • the Baader Dual-Mode cable set allows you use two CelestronLiFePO4 PowerTanks
  • suitable for mounts which need a higer voltage of 24V
  • Comes with connector for 10Micron GM1000 / GM2000 mounts

If you want to power a mount that requires 24V you can achieve this by using 2 Celestron LiFePO4 power tanks and this special lead.


The interconnection of two 12V power supplies always requires greater attention and care. This also applies to sharing two Celestron LiFePO4 Powertanks on 24V loads (e.g., GM1000 / GM 2000), using this special Baader Dual "Y-shaped" power cable for 10Micron GM1000 and GM2000 mounts.

Use as a 24V power supply is subject to the following conditions:

The two Celestron Powertanks used for this purpose:

  • must not be made of one used and one newly purchased product - both power supplies must be the same age to use equivalent batteries
  • must be used separately from one another, e.g. to power one seperate 12V instrument. They must have a similar age, number of load cycles, remaining power etc.
  • can only be charged separately at their respective loading device. Two powertanks on one loading device would damage the loading device because it does not have enough power for two batteries
  • must only be used in the same charging state (ideally both powertanks should be charged fully at their own loading device before use), so that the protective electronics can work properly in every powertank
  • should not be stored fully loaded or unloaded for an extended period of time (otherwise rapid aging may occur)
  • must be interconnected only with the approved Baader-Y cable
  • in case of a strong aging or defect in one of the two powertanks (visible for example in a change in the charging behaviour), do not connect the to units (if the batteries are unbalanced)
  • must only be used for the intended mount. Other instruments or especially a short circuit at the power outlet could permanently damage the Powertank interconnection
  • under all circumstances, the specifications of the individual powertanks must be respected in the interconnection; no higher power can be taken permanently, otherwise this can lead to rapid aging of the powertanks.

In the case of non-observance, no guarantee can be given for the functional capability of these powertanks used for 24V power supply. In the case of such negligence, a permanent damage to the powertanks can not be ruled out. Liability for damage caused by improper handling of powertanks used in this way is excluded.