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Baader Outdoor Telescope Power (OTP) 19W Switching Power Supply

SKU 2457620

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  • Output 12.8V DC/ 1.5 Amp (19 Watt) from 90V to 260V AC
  • Made for outdoor application, water resistant sealed housing. Usable in temperatures from -25°C up to 40°C
  • Has a 2.5m ( 8.25ft) telescope cord
  • Protective 5.5mm / 2.1mm-disconnect elbowed plug German design and quality with UK-wall plug
  • Only 12v PSU approved for use with Celestron telescopes in the UK without affecting telescope warranty.

The Baader Outdoor Telescope Power (OTP) supply is an approved high quality 12.8 volt /1.5 Amp switching power supply with protective-disconnect plug serves all Celestron telescopes up to the CGEM-DX series. Beware of inferior products!

Conventional power supplies having a 12V nominal voltage are made for use in your "living room". When used outside in the cold the voltage will reduce with temperature. Already at -10°C the remaining voltage output may have gone down to only 10.5 V. The motors of many telescope mounts will behave erratic at such low voltage. Especially the motor driver electronics then tries to replace the missing voltage by draining ever more Amps until both - power supply and mount electronics - will stall or become damaged. Many users then blame the mount and it´s messy electronics - instead of checking whether an inadequate power supply may be the culprit.

The Baader Outdoor Telescope Power supply offers continuous 1.5 Amp/ < 12 volt DC voltage all accross the AC voltage range from 90 to 260volt. Even at extreme cold the voltage can not go down as far as to damage the electronic components or motors of your telescope mount.

19 Watt/ 1.5 Amp permanent power ensure ample reserve for smooth tracking even at full photographic instrument load and high torque variations due to changing telescope balance. In addition to the outdoor voltage of 12.8V also the thermal working temperature has been designed for -25°C to +40°C.

The connecting cord measures 2.5m in length. This is longer than usual to ensure that the wall plug portion of the power supply can be safely stored down the tripod legs so that the power cord will not become a trip hazard. The elbowed plug does protect the power cable from accidental breakage and especially the telescope power input socket from damage if someone does trip on the cable. When the cable gets tightened the connecting elbowed plug will detach without ripping or damaging the power socket affixed in the telescope.

Only 12v PSU approved for use with Celestron telescopes in the UK without affecting telescope warranty.


SKU (#) 2457620
WEIGHT (KG) 0.228
TYPE Charger
ADAPTABLE TO small Celestron and other mounts
POWER INPUT (V) 90V – 260V