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Baader Travel Case NexStar SE 4/5

SKU 2452200

Availability: Immediate Dispatch

  • Sturdy transportation case with metal frame
  • The most compact case for carrying your NexStar telescope
  • Made in Germany
  • Available in two sizes 4/5 SE and 6/8 SE
  • Dimensions: 52 x 30 x 25cm.
  • Empty weight: 3 kg

This case is big enough for a NexStar 4SE or 5SE with mount arm.
It is extremely robust, and with a large amount of foam packing will help keep your mount and optical tube in good condition during travel.
The cut-outs are made for the 5SE; you may need to cut a little bit of foam away for the 4SE. This way, you can easily adapt the case to your needs.
There are already cut-outs for four 1,25“ eyepieces and one star diagonal.
For added security this case is also Lockable.

**Scope not included**