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10Micron Mobile 12V DC to 24V DC Convertor Power Supply for GM1000 and GM2000 Mounts

SKU 2457577A

Availability: Immediate Dispatch

  • Mobile Power Supply for in the field use for 10Micron GM1000 & GM2000
  • Converts 12V DC input to the required 24V/5A output
  • Requires 12V DC battery power supply

This portable field power supply is a very high quality 12V to 24V DC converter that ensures (from a constant 12V DC power source) the proper 24V/5A (120W) is supplied to the 10Micron GM1000 and GM2000 mounts.

The input power cable is provided with a standard car lighter plug and is therefore perfect for “in-the-field” usage when using a suitable 12V battery (not supplied).

  • 12V DC to 24V DC converter
  • Output power: 5A (120W)
  • Input plug: standard car lightener
  • Output plug: specific for GM1000 & GM2000 mounts