PlaneWave Piggyback 3"-wide Losmandy Style Temperature Compensating Dovetail Bars

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  • For CDK Telescopes
  • Standard Losmandy 3"-Wide Dovetail Bar
  • Features a "no-stress" expansion joint for the CDK carbon truss tube
  • For attaching wide range of accessories

The PlaneWave 3"-wide Losmandy style piggyback dovetail bar fits onto the CDK14/17/20 or 24" aperture telescopes and allows a wide range of accessories to be securely mounted. 

The aluminium dovetail bar attaches to the main lower section of the body of the CDK truss tube telescopes. Since there is a difference thermal expansion between carbon fibre and aluminium, the bar features "an expansion joint" that allows the aluminium dovetail expand and contract without stressing the telescope tube's carbon fibre lower truss. 

The dovetail bar comes complete with mounting brackets.

Please note note that product code #1323642 (PW code #170990) - is for the current CDK17 design with 10.24" of back focus.