Starlight Xpress Trius SX-46 Monochrome CCD Camera


Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Kodak KAF-16200 16.7 APS-H size megapixel sensor
  • -50C below ambient cooling
  • Built in 3-port USB hub

The Starlight Xpress Trius SX-46 is an APS-H format cooled CCD Camera that incorporates a Kodak KAF-16200 16.7 megapixel sensor. This camera will give an impressively large field of view when connected to some (short focal length) telescopes.

Starlight Xpress have put a lot of thought into their Trius CCD camera range, with features that are not found on other cameras. These include:

  • A high thermal conductivity (~25x better than glass), multi-coated synthetic sapphire optical window. This eliminates the need for a dedicated window heater, as heat from the camera body is conducted to the entire optical window surface, therefore preventing dewing of the window even when CCD cooling is at maximum. The optical window is easy to clean with an air blower or e.g. Baader Wonderfluid and cloth.
  • A robust and reliable, easy to service and replace, stepper motor driven roller blind shutter. This unit gives a uniform illumination of the camera sensor even at very short exposure times (~0.1 seconds)
  • To get the lowest noise possible, a high level of cooling is achieved using a three stage Peltier cooler. This allows the sensor to be cooled to better than -50C below ambient. An efficient temperature controller keeps total power consumption to less than 2 amps at 12v DC.
  • For residual bulk image elimination (a “visual memory effect” caused by trapped electrons from previous images), a built-in LED flood illuminator is employed to remove this effect.
  • The CCD sensor is housed in a compact, dry argon filled chamber, with O-ring sealing, meaning that there is no desiccant to purchase and replace regularly.

The front camera attachment plate incorporates four sets of screws that allow the plate to be tilted relative to the CCD surface. This allows proper alignment of the CCD plane and telescope focal plane to ensure no distortion of the stars across the image. 

A nice and useful feature of the Trius is the built in 3 port mini-USB2.0 hub. This allows other imaging accessories, such as the Starlight Xpress filter wheel and guide camera, to be connected to, powered and controlled, from the SX-46 without additional cabling which can potentially lead to cable tangle or snagging.
Each Trius camera also features fast image download time (approximately 6.5 seconds for a full 16.7 megapixel image).

  • Size of 136 mm square and 70 mm deep (+ handles).
  • 1.7 Kg total weight.
  • Active area 27 x 21.6 mm (APS-H format)
  • Number of pixels: 4540 x 3640
  • Pixel size: 6.0 x 6.0 uM
  • Read noise: 9e typical
  • Full well capacity: Approx. 41,000e
  • Peak QE: Approx. 58% at 530nM
  • Camera gain: 0.6e / ADU