Paramount ME II Polar Alignment Scope

SKU 1852170

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  • For use with Paramount ME II 
  • For visual optical polar alignment alignment

This optional polar axis alignment scope for the Paramount ME II is used to optically align the equatorial mount's polar axis to the celestial pole for proper tracking and GOTO functionality.

The polarscope comes with the necessary fittings and a cover for protection

Please note: 

The technologies listed below largely supersede this Paramount polar alignment scope, however visual observers can still benefit from this product.

  • TheSkyX Pro's Accurate Polar Alignment (APA) routine provides a software-based, accurate and relatively fast polar alignment method, even when the celestial pole is not visible.
  • The QHY PoleMaster is an easy-to-use, high-precision electronic polar scope and the Paramount MYT/MX+ PoleMaster Adaptor can be used to attach the PoleMaster to the Paramount's Dec axis.