Starizona HyperStar Conversion Kit for Celestron Optical Tube Assemblies

SKU 1341508

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Converts non-HyperStar Celestron SCTs into HyperStar-compatible telescopes
  • Comes with all components for conversion
  • For C8, C11, C14 OTA's (not available for C925)
  • Easy to install

Not all Celestron SCT telescopes are compatible out-of-the-box with the Starizona HyperStar system as, in order to use HyperStar, your telescope must have a removable secondary mirror. The secondary mirror is taken out of the telescope and safely stored when the HyperStar lens is in place.

The Starizona HyperStar Conversion kit allows non-HyperStar-compatible Celestron SCT optical tube assemblies to be converted into compatible HyperStar telescopes. The kit includes the components that replace the original secondary mirror assembly:

  • retaining ring,
  • secondary mirror mounting plate,
  • lock ring,
  • baffle tube.

The diagram (first image) shows how the HyperStar Conversion Kit works. The secondary mirror assembly is replaced, while the optics (secondary mirror and corrector lens) are those from the original telescope. Once converted, there is no difference in terms of using the telescope at f/10. The scope is then easily converted between the f/10 and f/2 configurations and back again. 

To install, the original assembly must be removed from the telescope. The corrector plate is removed first. Then the baffle tube is un-threaded to allow the secondary holder to be removed. The secondary mirror itself is then removed and placed into the new holder. This assembly is then put back onto the corrector plate and reinstalled into the telescope. The video below shows how a HyperStar conversion kit is installed.

After installation the telescope optics must be collimated, but collimation is then retained when the secondary is removed for HyperStar imaging. Removing the secondary mirror is done using a threaded ring. While out of the telescope, the secondary is safely stored in a holder included with the HyperStar lens.

Note: The old orange-tube Celestron SCTs have secondary mirrors which are mounted differently from the current model telescopes. This requires a modification to the Conversion Kit. Please contact us to order this version of the conversion Kit or if you have any questions on which version your telescope requires.

Please note: the conversion kit is not available for the C925 version of the Celestron SCT.