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Snoppa M1 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

SKU 3051000

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  • Snoppa M1 for creating professional shake- and blurry-free videos and photos with your smartphone
  • Fits all current smartphones
  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Advanced 3-axis gimbal with built in motors advanced stabilising algorithm
  • Multiple tracking options
  • Timelapse mode and 270-degree panoramas
  • Snoppa M1 iOS and Android App

The Snoppa M1 is a revolutionary 3-axis smartphone gimbal that allows you to capture professional blurry free videos and photos without the without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

Snoppa M1 3-axis gimbal for smartphones

Snoppa M1 3-axis smartphone gimbal

This is the first smartphone gimbal without motor arms or weights. It has a smart 3-axis stabilising algorithm and powerful electronic hardware and can precisely detect the smartphones position. There are multiple shooting and tracking options available

  • Multi-mode shooting - allows you to shoot horizontally, vertically and at low angle.
  • Pan Track to smoothly follow the camera motion horizontally
  • Omni Track for videoing in all directions (up/down/left/right) with the smartphone following every movement smoothly
  • Head Lock which fixes (locks onto) the position at which the camera is pointing at no matter where the unit is moved around.

The Snoopa M1 also has an iOS/Android app with many features that allows you to utilise the device to its full potential and enable you to interactively control the Snoppa M1 to rotate and shoot automatically, take panorama's and time-lapses.

With BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy), Snoppa M1 is connected and controlled by your smartphone. Snoppa M1 stays on standby all the time and is turned on by Bluetooth from your smartphone within seconds. Furthermore, with its simple clip in design, you can attach your smartphone to the Snoppa M1 in seconds, meaning that the device is ready to go at anytime.

  • Dimensions : Folded 208 x 53 x 43mm / Unfolded 266 x 53 x 43mm
  • Weight (battery included) : 450 g
  • Controllable range : Pan: 360° free rotation
  • Tilt : ±100°
  • Roll : 360° free rotation
  • Mobile phone width range : 58-85mm
  • Wireless : Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
  • Runtime : 4 Hours
  • Battery Type : Lipo
  • Capacity : 1050mAh
  • Output voltage : 7.4V
  • Energy : 7.8Wh
  • Battery life : 500cycles
  • Charging temperature : 0°~ 45°
  • Operating temperature : -10°~ 45°