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Baader Heavy Duty Steel Pier for Small and Medium Sized Mounts

SKU 2451210

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Cone-shaped octagonal steel pillar design
  • Welded steel that actively dampens vibrations
  • Internal tubing for cable routing through the pillar
  • Available in different height sizes
  • Weight (approx. 100 kg)
  • Payload capacity 250kg

This Baader heavy pier is suitable for small and medium sized mounts, such as the 10Micron GM1000/GM2000 and Paramount MYT/MX+, and where the maximum payload capacity (i.e. mount plus telescope and accessories) does not exceed 250kg. The mount is made of steel, welded together to make a conical-octagonal structure, and in such a way that its construction dampens vibrations. The pier features an inner tube for internal cabling (from pier base to near the top of the pier - see below) and a central hole for filling with quartz sand for further vibration dampening. An accessory shelf is also supplied for e.g. eyepieces or mount handset. 

Pier showing internal cabling and accessory shelf with mount attached

The pier weighs approximately 100kg but the final weight depends on the length chosen. Options for the pier heights are 80/100/115/125/135/145/155/165 cm.



  • Weight (approx. 100 kg)
  • Payload capacity 250kg
  • conical and octagonal steel pillar
  • welded Steel, actively dampening vibrations
  • Bottom plate 500x500 nm
  • Top plate diameter: 240 mm and 1" thick, with 3 threaded Bolts M14 and center hole to fill the entire pillar with Quartz-sand at the erection site
  • Internal tube of 3" inner width for cabeling through the pillar
  • Accessory tray 360x270 mm, durable 2K paint RAL 1013