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Paramount MX/MX+ Pyramid Portable Tripod

SKU 1852300

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • For Paramount MX/MX+
  • Tripod weights 10kg/23lbs
  • Can carry 113kg/250lbs of payload
  • Easy and convenient tripod levelling adjusters

Designed for use with the Paramount MX/MX+ (and MYT), the Pyramid Portable tripod with its tubular design provides outstanding stability on a truly portable platform. The tripod weighs only 10kg (23lbs) but can carry an amazing total of 113kg (250lbs) of telescope and accessory payload. It features conveniently placed leg-levelling adjustment knobs for easy adjustment and minimises the potential of back strain when levelling the tripod.

Features and Specifications
  • Total tripod weight: 23 lb (10 kg)
  • 250 pound (113 kg) maximum payload capacity
  • 360-degree azimuth adjustment
  • Conveniently-placed height adjustment knobs minimize lower back strain when leveling the mount
  • Center tray for holding accessories
  • Extra-wide pier feet swivel to conform to uneven surfaces