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Baader Triband Schmidt-Cassegrain Multi Purpose Telescope for Sun and Deep Sky Astronomy

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  • Baader Triband Schmidt Cassegrain telescope for dual daytime and nightime use
  • Celestron 8",9.25",11" Schmidt Cassegrain optical tube assembly with special Triband-ERF-coated Schmidt corrector plate
  • Corrector plate transmission windows for Calcium-K, Continuum (incl H-beta and O III), H-alpha, S II
  • Triband corrector plate reflects more than 90 percent of the incoming light so no additional ERF required
  • Ventilated heat shields for telescope tube and secondary mirror with Neodymium-magnetic holders for secure fitment

Baader Triband SCT Range

Baader Triband SCT range

The Triband Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes (SCT) have been specially developed by Baader Planetarium, using Celestron SCT tube assemblies (a well-tried and reliable no-frills telescope system), for both solar as well night-time astronomy use.  The Triband telescopes are available in 8", 9.25" and 11" apertures.

Baader Triband SCT Spectral Curve

Transmission curve of the Baader Triband SCT corrector plate

For solar use: To observe fine and faint solar features, sufficient aperture and focal length are required making SCT's an ideal "original source telescope". However, an energy rejection filter (ERF), which is important and is required for solar astronomy using the SolarSpectrum CaK and H-alpha filters, is already "integrated" into the optical coatings of the Triband Schmidt corrector plate. In the infrared, the Triband Schmidt corrector is blocked down to 1450nm, so that the telescope will not heat up.

The Triband-coated Schmidt corrector plate reflects more than 90 percent of the incoming light. This means that an additional external large and precisely polished ERF is not required. Furthermore, rear-ventilated heat shields on the front of the telescope tube and on the secondary mirror holder also keep the tube from heating up during solar viewing. These features allow you to use the full aperture and optical quality of the Schmidt corrector to give you the highest resolution and best possible views (and images) of the Sun at an affordable price. With videography it is possible to achieve extremely high-resolution detail images of the sun and and you can do this at three (triband) wavelengths – not only in H-alpha! 

The Sun using Triband SCT and Solarspectrum H-Alpha system


For solar use you will need the following additional equipment:


  • Baader Solar Spectrum H-alpha filter system
  • Baader TZ-3 telecentric system and telecompressor TK0.4 or TK0.7.

Note: An additional D-ERF filter is not required.

Baader Triband SCT with Baader Solar Spectrum H-alpha filter system attached.


  • Baader Solar Spectrum CaK-filter


  • Baader Safety Cool-Ceramic Herschel wedge and suitable narrowband filters.
Please note: smaller aperture telescopes with less magnification will show nice images even at poorer seeing conditions, but a high-end telescope which pushes everything to its limits also requires a proper location. Make sure that your surroundings don't cause bad local seeing – only then you can take the telescope to its limits! 

    Night-time astronomy:

    Pure H-alpha-telescopes are only for solar use - they cannot be used for night time astronomy. However with the Baader Triband-SCT you can do astronomy at night!

    The Triband SCT corrector plate coating is permeable for CaK, H-Beta,O-III, H-alpha and S-II, so that you can use the telescope fully for narrowband- or Ultra UHC-photography – be it with the original f/10, at night with a reducer at f/7 or even with a Hyperstar-system at f/2. You can even use the Triband SCT for imaging Venus (Baader U-Venus-filter) or use IR-pass-filters and achieve a surprisingly good contrast for planetary imaging. 

    As you can use the Baader-Triband-Schmidt-Cassegrains for daytime solar and night time astronomy observation and imaging, the Triband SCT's are the most versatile telescopes on the market.

      • Triband-SCT's available in apertures of 8", 9¼" and 11"
      • Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain optical tube assembly with Triband-ERF-coated Schmidt corrector plate
      Baader Triband SCT Spectral Curve
      • Transmission windows are designed for Calcium-K, Continuum (incl H-beta and O III), H-alpha, S II
      • Ventilated heat shields for tube and secondary mirror with Neodymium-magnetic holders)