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Baader DADOS Blaze Reflection Gratings (200/900/1200 L/mm)

SKU 2458557
Grating Option

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • for Baader DADOS spectrograph
  • Blaze Reflection Gratings of 200, 900 and 1200 Lines per mm
  • Gratings are cemented onto tilting grating holder

The additional blaze reflection gratings are for use with the Baader DADOS spectrograph. The increase in the number of lines per mm will increase the resolving power, but means the limiting magnitude will be lower/brighter to give the same S/N ratio for a given telescope aperture and exposure time.

There are 3 gratings available:

  • 200 L/mm
  • 900 L/mm
  • 1200 L/mm

The 200 L/mm is the grating that comes as standard with the DADOS spectrograph. 

Please note: Each DADOS spectroscopic grating (especially the 1200 line grating) needs to be precisely calibrated individually for each DADOS-spectrograph. If you order a DADOS together with either the 900 or 1200 L/mm reflection gratings, this service will be done by us in conjunction with Baader Planetarium before shipping your order. If you already own a DADOS, we must ask you to return your DADOS to us each time when you order another grating, apart from the standard 200 line grating. Gratings can be exchanged by yourself later on, if you choose to change the grating resolution. But the initial calibration of the grating in relation to the mechanical body of the DADOS must be done at Baader's centre.
You will only pay for the cost of the grating and the transportation. We will do the calibration work free of charge for the Baader 900 and 1200 line gratings. 

Supplied as grating only.