BACHES RCU (Remote Control Unit) Calibration-Set

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  • Baader Remote Control Unit (RCU) for BACHES BACHES Echelle spectrograph
  • Allows wavelength calibration of the complex BACHES Echelle-Spectrum
  • Manual or remote control using PC and web interface

The Remote Calibration Unit (RCU) is an important optional accessory for BACHES as it allows accurate calibration of BACHES Echelle-Spectra. The RCU includes a ThAr Calibration Lamp and a Halogen Flat-field lamp, either of them can be connected to the BACHES with a fibreglass cable.

  • Thorium-Argon calibration lamp incl. a specially designed power supply
  • Lens system to inject light beam from Th/Ar spectral calibration lamp into the glass fibre with the highest efficiency
  • Blue filtered Halogen lamp for the purpose of flatfielding
  • Switchable 12V power output for the coupling flipmirror on BACHES
  • Remote unit with LAN or RS232 connection for remote control
  • Factory tested and aligned

The RCU can be remotely controlled from a PC via LAN/RS232 connection using an internal web-server for fast and easy Internet access with every browser.

Please note: The BACHES Spectrograph is NOT included in RCU scope of supply.

Technical data of the Remote Calibration Unit (RCU)
switchable between fully manually controlled and fully remote controlled
integrated ThAr lamp and white light lamp for spectral calibration and flatfielding
integrated power supply for all components
high voltage 15mA current control for maximum ThAr lamp efficiency
pre-aligned fiber coupling to BACHES for the ThAr lamp and flatfield lamps, with a removable 50μm fiber, 2.5m in length
6 pin, 2.5m power cable for the BACHES solenoid to switch between the telescope light and the flatfield lamp
Remote control via 10/100 Mbit/s 10base Ethernet (RJ-45), TCP/IP protocol
integrated web server for fast and easy internet access with any web browser
additional local PC remote control via RS232 serial line
size 320mm (L) x 215mm (W) x 125mm (H). L=345mm with handles
weight net 5.6kg. Power supply 230V AC, 25W
shielded case with four rubber pads for vibration damping
optional mounting accessories, for either a 19“ rack or direct telescope attachment, respectively

Included in delivery
  • Remote Calibration Unit
  • Fibre docking port for BACHES (already mounted on BACHES if RCU was ordered together with BACHES)
  • Glass fibre lead to connect RCU with spectrograph
  • Power cord for the motor in BACHES
  • Watertight, shock-resistent ABS flight-case with machined compartments to ensure maximum transport safety (not shown)
  • USB stick with software and manual
  • Power cord for RCU EU plug socket
  • Manual

Please note: The BACHES Spectrograph is NOT included in RCU scope of supply.


BACHES RCU User Manual 

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