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Starlight Xpress Spectrograph

SKU SX-Spectrograph

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Compact lightweight spectrograph
  • Built in Lodestar X2 guide camera and argon-neon calibration source.
  • Operating wavelength range 340-900nM 
  • Resolution >2000

Starlight Xpress has joined the few companies producing optical spectrographs. This compact reflective grating spectrograph is ready for launch and will be available by September.

This spectrograph is a small unit that incorporates a high performance flat-field concave grating into a compact module that is only 136 x 120 x 75mm and only 1.2kg in weight. The spectrograph also includes a built-in Lodestar X2 guide camera and an argon-neon lamp for spectral calibration.

The input and output sides are T2 threaded and it is compatible with most T2 thread input imaging cameras. Starlight Xpress recommend their SX-694 as a good match to their spectrograph.

The spectral range is 340 - 900nM over a spatial distance of 31mm and the resolution factor is in excess of 2000.

An overview of this spectrograph by Maurice Gavin can be seen at