10Micron 3" Lodual Dual Mounting Plate and Dovetail Clamps

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  • Allows two telescopes to be mounted in parallel/side-by-side
  • Losmandy-style 3" fittings
  • Fits all 10Micron GM mounts
  • Made from CNC Aluminium and anodised black

This double "H" plate is designed to allow side-by-side (parallel) mounting of two optical tube assemblies on the 10Micron mounts. The mounting system comprises:

  • Standard 3” Losmandy 400mm long dovetail bar (#1452130)
  • Two 3" Losmandy 200mm long dovetail clamps (2 x #1452085)

All the components are CNC machined and black anodized aluminum.

Multiple holes on the dovetail bar allow 3 different separations between the two dovetail clamps of approximately 210mm (8.3"), 245mm (9.6") and 281mm (11”).

Please note the following:

  • The GM1000 HPS mount requires the #1451045 90-degree change plate adaptor to rotate the bar by 90 degrees on the mount in order to maintain the correct encoder’s home position reference point.
  • All the other mounts require either the #1452085 or #1452086 3″ Losmandy clamps.
  • Material: Black anodized, CNC machined aluminum
  • Bottom dovetail: 3” Losmandy 400mm (#1452130) with holes
  • Two 3” Losmandy clamps #1452085 (200mm long)
  • Clamp separation: adjustable,  appr. 210mm, 245mm and 281mm (8.3”, 9.6”, 11”)
  • Weight: 4Kg (9 lbs)

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