10Micron 4"-Wide Dovetail Bar for Maxi-Dovetail Clamp

SKU 1452140

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  • 10Micron 4" wide dovetail bar
  • Ideal for use with heavy 14"+ or dual telescope set-ups
  • Available in 400mm and 500mm lengths

This 10Micron 4"-wide dovetail bar is suitable for heavy telescope configurations for optical tubes with apertures 14” and larger, or for dual telescope setup.

The dovetail bar is available in 400mm and 500mm lengths, and is made of black anodised aluminum.

The dovetail bar is to be used with the #1452135 or #1452235 4"-wide “Maxi”-dovetail clamp.

  • Material: Black anodised, CNC machined aluminum
  • 4” wide 10Micron style dovetail
  • Lengths available: 400mm (15.7") and 500mm (19.7”)

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