10Micron Aries Tripod for GM1000 Mount

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  • For use with GM1000 HPS German EQ mount or Leonardo Binomount
  • Dual tube leg design
  • Worlds most rigid and lightweight tripod from results encoder accuracy testing
  • Comes with Cordura carry bag

The 10Micron Aries aluminium tripod was designed for use with the GM1000 HPS Mount as well as the Leonardo Binomount. The Aries tripod is the world´s most rigid and most lightweight collapsible tripod based on the results from testing the tripod to sustain the HPS-encoder accuracy.

A high quality accurate mount need to be mounted on a similarly high quality and rigid tripod that is stable, minimises vibration and is resistant against lateral/twisting movements.

Thanks to the mount's absolute encoders, it is possible to measure any change in the length of a tripod leg (e.g a tripod leg sinks into the ground during tracking). A movement of one-tenth of a millimetre can cause an offset of 10 arcseconds during tracking. These are the reason why 10Micron developed their own tripods and only with a tripod like the Aries that they can assure that all the accuracy given from our exclusive GM mount systems will be maintained.

The tripod features folding dual tube upper leg design, to provide maximum rigidity, for tripod height adjustment. The Aries tripod legs are made of a particularly hard aluminium alloy and it also features ergonomic large locking knobs. The tripod feet are self levelling which makes positioning the tripod easy when on uneven surfaces. A Cordura centre-triangle that fits between each leg can be used for accessory storage (e.g. eyepieces, power supply etc).

Aries Tripod showing the dual tube leg for tripod height extension and large locking knobs


The Aries Tripod for the GM1000 and BM100L comes ready to use and includes a Cordura accessory tray and Cordura carry bag.

  • CNC-machined aluminium design with ERGAL -alloy tubing
  • Strong-grip clutches for fast and secure height adjustment
  • Three collapsible leg extensions for ease of transport (collapsed total length: 85 cm)
  • Variable height from 75 cm to 115 cm (29.5 to 45.3”)
  • Tripod weight: 13 Kg (28.6 lbs)
  • Payload: 80 kg (176 lbs) max
  • Tripod head diameter: 160 mm – 6.3 “ (matching GM1000 mount; predrilled to fit other mounts – with adapters)
  • Upholstered Cordura bag of highest quality
  • Cordura triangle cloth to serve as giant accessory tray
  • Total weight (tripod & Cordura bag): 14 Kg (30.8 lbs)
  • Dimension of transport-ready Cordura bag w. tripod: diam. 230 mm x 850 mm
  • Dimension of transport-ready carton box: 950 x 250 x 250mm

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