10Micron AZ8000 DDS Alt-Azimuth Robotic Fork Mount

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  • 10Micron AZ8000 DDS Alt-Az mount for telescopes up to 1-metre (40") aperture
  • 700kg telescope payload
  • High resolution encoders and HPS system
  • Up to >20 degrees per second high speed slewing for astronomy and satellite tracking
  • Software integrated focuser/derotator
  • Nasmyth focus option

With their long experience in robotic astronomical mounts, 10Micron have been working and developing a new telescope mount project: their new AZ professional-grade alt-azimuth fork mount with DDS (Direct Drive System) with software integrated derotator/focuser. These mounts will be used for professional and research applications such as astronomy and satellite tracking.

The 10Micron AZ DDS mounts will include all the latest current technologies in mechanical, electrical, electronics, software and design fields. Any single feature of the AZ mount and its components have been accurately studied in order to reach the highest level of efficiency that has always characterised any other of the 10Micron products. Furthermore, 10Micron have also integrated some special features in order to ensure the safety of both the instrument payload and the operator.

The main AZ DDS features:

  • Direct drive high torque motors specially designed for astronomy application
  • On-axis high resolution absolute encoders
  • High quality large diameter ball bearings
  • Very stiff and compact fork to minimize vibrations
  • Integrated electronics and onboard computer with internal sky model capability
  • Integrated interface for focuser/derotator control
  • Minimum base height for use with small domes and improve stability
  • Nasmyth focus(es) 100 mm or 180 mm Nasmyth hole diameter
  • very fast pointing speed up to 30°/sec. – suitable for satellite tracking
  • very accurate tracking for long exposure unguided imaging

The AZ5000 DDS is designed to accommodate telescopes of 1-metre/40" in diameter. However a complete telescope-and-mount observatory configuration is also possible.

The mount will be available alone or available with an OTA. A Nasmyth focus configuration is available as option.

Specifications are subject to change.

Type Alt-azimuth direct drive mount with on-axis high resolution absolute encoders
Weight 950 kg (mount only, without telescope and accessories)
Telescope payload capacity up to 700 kg, 1000 mm (40”) diameter
Axes bearing High quality large diameter, special ball bearings
Motors Professional grade direct drive motors; no worm gears or transmission systems, zero backlash
Encoders High Resolutions Renishaw absolute encoders
Power supply 48 V
Power consumption 20 A peak
Goto speed ≥20°/s
Pointing accuracy <5" rms with internal 25 stars software mapping, max 100 stars; possibility to use external software for automated alignment operation
Average tracking accuracy 1" typical for 15 minutes
Nasmyth holes diameters 180mm
Safety features Mechanical stops in both axis
Anti-wrap logic
On board and remotable Emergency stop button with safety relay
Aural warning system
Unbalance/collision protection system
Security stops Mechanical stops
Az: 600° (~2 turns)
Alt: 100°
Security brakes Electromechanical brake for unbalance security in altitude
Dimensions (only mount with standard fork) 1900x1000x1500 mm
Focuser/DeRotator standard GO1 by 10Micron (optional)
Interface 10Micron specific, software integrated control
Payload capacity 25 Kg
Temperature compensation Internal temperature probe
Focuser/DeRotator heavy GO2 by 10Micron (optional)
Interface 10Micron specific, software integrated control
Payload capacity 50 Kg
Temperature compensation Internal temperature probe
Communication ports RS–232 port; GPS port; autoguide ST-4 protocol port; Ethernet port.
Integrated database Stars: by name, Bayer designation, Flamsteed designation, Bright Star Catalogue, SAO, HIP, HD, PPM, ADS, GCVS. Deep-sky: M, NGC, IC, PGC ,UGC limited up to mV = 16. Solar system: Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, comets, artificial satellites. Equatorial and altazimuth coordinates. User defined objects, fast slewing positions.
Integrated control electronics features User defined mount parking position.
Mount modeling with up to 100 stars / points.
Storage of multiple pointing models.
Configurable tracking speed.
Adjustable movement limits.
Assisted balance adjustment.
Integrated leap second support.
Direct dome control via RS-232.
Configurable atmospheric refraction compensation.
Keypad control Rugged keypad with metal housing, backlit micro switches, dimmable graphic display.
All the functionality of the mount is available through the keypad without requiring an external PC. 
PC control Remote control via RS 232, Ethernet network.
Update of firmware and orbital elements for satellite tracking and minor planet objects.
Virtual keypad control panel replicating the functionality of the physical keypad.
Mount manager software including advanced user interface.
Usage of any client software supporting the ASCOM standard through proprietary ASCOM driver, or through the LX200 compatible protocol