10Micron Flange Adaptor for Dovetail Clamps for GM3000 Mount

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  • Attaches to the top of 10Micron GM3000
  • For attaching 3" and 4" dovetail clamps to the GM3000
  • Threaded for 10Micron or 3"/Pan EQ clamps
  • Gives sufficient clearance to allow dovetail clamp knobs to be turned without obstruction

This flange adaptor allows you to attach dovetail clamps on to the top of the 10Micron GM3000 mount. Although it is possible to attach the dovetail clamps directly on the top of the GM3000 mount, due to their low profile 10Micron strongly recommend the use of this flange adapter so that the clamp knobs can be turned with enough clearance.

The flange adaptor can be used with the following dovetail clamping plates on the GM3000 mount:

  • #1452085 – 3” Losmandy Clamping Plate
  • #1452086 – 3” Losmandy Clamping Plate XL
  • #1452135 – Maxi 4” Clamping Plate
  • Baader Pan EQ clamps
  • CNC machined black anodized aluminum
  • Specific for GM3000 mounts

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