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10Micron Heavy Duty Cardboard Shipping Box for GM2000 Mount

SKU 1452066

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • For 10Micron GM2000 mount
  • Heavy duty cardboard
  • Pre-cut and GM2000 shaped foam
  • For safe transport

This heavy duty cardboard box is for the 10Micron GM2000 mount. The box includes GM2000 shaped foam which ensures safe shipping & transport or for warranty or repair return. The box is provided with a suitable carry handle.

The box and foam is included as standard with the mount, but may be required should the (original) box be damaged or lost.

The box is only for the GM2000 mounts. Does not include the mount or any accessories.

  • Heavy duty cardboard
  • Dimensions mm: 630 x 560 x 500 mm
  • Dimensions in:  24.8” x 22.0” x 19.7 “