10Micron High Performance Cases made of TTX01® for GM1000 Mount

SKU 1451062

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  • High level of protection of your GM1000 Mount
  • Two cases supplied: one for GM1000 head and other for accessories
  • Provide protection against humidity, dust and temperature extremes.

After investing in your 10Micron GM1000 mount, you will want to make sure its stored and transported safely, which will ensure years of great performance.

These Italian-made cases are made of a special TTX01® compound resin that provide a high level of protection. The internal padding protection is perfectly shaped to accommodate the GM1000 mount.

The cases offer a combination of high elasticity,  increased shock absorption and impact resistance, reduced transport weight and resistance against temperature extremes (-40C to +80C). The cases also ensure a perfect barrier against dust and humidity.  

Two cases are supplied: one case, which has a trolley configuration, will house the GM1000 mount; the other case will contain the counterweights and counterweight shaft , the electronic parts (control box + hand controls and cables). There is also room left over for other small accessories.

  • Dimensions in: 24.4” x 20.5” x 10.8”  and 18.9” x 15.2” x 7.5”
  • Material: special TTX01® resins compound
  • Made in Italy