10Micron Mandatory Shipping Kit for GM4000 Mount


Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • For 10Micron GM4000 mount
  • Kit includes heavy duty wooden crate and pier adaptor
  • Mandatory purchase for shipping
  • For safe and secure transport of the GM4000 
  • Pier adaptor used for mounting GM4000 onto Baader or custom-made pier

In order for the 10Micron GM4000 to be shipped safely the Mandatory Shipping Kit is required to be purchased. The kit includes

  • GM3000 heavy-duty wooden pallet box (#2450010)
  • GM3000 Steel pier adaptor (#1454090)

The pier adaptor #1454090 is securely attached to the "floor" of the wooden pallet box for the GM3000 to be attached allow safe and secure transport of the mount.

The steel pier adaptor will later be used to mount the GM4000 onto a Baader or custom-made pier.