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10Micron 4" "Maxi" Dovetail Clamp

SKU 1452135

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • Maxi dovetail clamp for use with 4" wide dovetail bars.
  • 4" wide clamp for firmly securing 14"+ or dual telescope set-ups.
  • Available in 200mm and 350mm lengths
  • Two (200mm) and three (350mm) locking knobs for firm secure grip
  • Made from CNC aluminium and anodized black
  • Fits directly onto GM2000 (GM3000/4000 with adaptors)

The 10Micron “Maxi”-4″ dovetail clamp is designed to accept the 4” wide 10Micron dovetail bars which are suitable for heavier configurations for telescopes with apertures of 14" and larger, or for dual set-ups. There are 2 versions of the "Maxi" clamp available:

  • 200mm length with 2 security locking knobs
  • 350mm length with 3 security locking knobs

Please note that for GM3000 & GM4000 users, although this clamp can be directly mounted on the GM3000 & GM4000 mount, due to the low profile of the clamping plates 10Micron strongly recommend the use the following special Flange Adapters in order to operate the plate’s knobs with enough clearance:

  • #1453545 Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM3000)
  • #1454545 Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM4000)
  • CNC machined, black anodised aluminum
  • Lengths: 200mm (10”) ; 350mm (13.8")
  • Two locking knobs (200mm) ; 3 locking knobs (350mm)
  • For use with 4” 10Micron dovetail slide bars