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10Micron V2 Keypad Handset for GM HPS Mounts

SKU 1452059

Availability: Anticipated Dispatch in 7-10 days

  • As supplied as standard with current 10Micron HPS mounts
  • Stand alone control unit and includes all necessary functions for field use - no PC needed
  • Rugged keypad with metal housing and reliable professional micro switches
  • Large graphic display with up to four text lines and additional status icons, heated for low temperature operation, dimmable display and keyboard with backlit keys

This 10Micron V.2 keypad is for use with, and is included as standard, with all current 10Micron GM mounts. However it is available should the original be lost or damaged.

The handset offers features including

  • rugged metal housing
  • large graphic display with five text lines and status icons
  • heating system for low temperature operation
  • dimmable display
  • back-lit keys

The handset is also sold as a retrofit for older mounts with mandatory firmware up-grade (must be applied) and a CDrom is included.

Note: Full functionality only with mounts having firmware version 2.12 and over already installed ) – works also with firmware v. 1.x ( display will show only two text line and no status icons.

  • Compatibility: all GM mounts, firmware versions older than 2.12 with limited functionality
  • Display: 5 text lines and status icons
  • Push buttons: professional micro switches
  • Illumination: dimmable display and back-illuminates keys
  • Built in cable to connect to the control box
  • Aluminum body