10Micron WiFi Upgrade Integrated Board for Older 10Micron GM Mounts

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SKU 1455005
  • Allows WLAN connection to the 10Micron GM mounts
  • Included as standard with current 10Micron GM mounts
  • Factory retrofit only

This 10Micron WiFi upgrade allows a WLAN connection (client and/or access point with routing function) for your GM mount. It comes with all necessary configuration and managing software.

Please note: 

  • WiFi adaptor is included as standard with new current HPS mounts.
  • Furthermore its is available as a retrofit for older mounts (compatible with mount control box Qtype 2012 series – from 2012 only). The update installation requires the mount to be sent to the 10Micron factory. Please contact us for more information.
  • WLAN connection
  • Client and/or access point (routing)
  • Provided with new HPS mounts
  • Optional for previous models not older than Qtype 2012
  • Factory only installation, please ask our support team

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