Baader 400mm Baseplate for SideWing System

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SKU 1500340
  • Baader 400mm long accessory plate 
  • For attaching Baader guidescope rings
  • Part of the Baader SideWing system

This 400mm-long base plate fits to the Baader SideWing arm (left or right) and allows the Baader heavy-duty size I-II-III guidescope rings to be attached. Furthermore, the Baader small 1kg balance weights (#2951401) can be attached to the underside of the plate for balancing purposes.

The image below shows how the Baseplate fits into the Baader SideWing system.

SKU (#) 1500340
WEIGHT (KG) 1.23
COMPATIBLE BRANDS 10Micron, Astro Physics, Planewave
TUBE DIAMETERS 60 – 120 mm, 110 – 160 mm, 140 – 185 mm
SPECIAL FEATURES Ready for attachment of Baader Sidewings

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