Baader 8"-Wide Giant PlaneWave Clamp

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  • 8"-wide giant dovetail clamp
  • Securely holds heavy telescope payloads
  • Part of the Baader Planetarium Side-Wing system.

The giant 8” dovetail clamp is for securely holding larger heavy telescope payloads that are fitted with the 10Micron 8" dovetail bar (#2454540). This includes telescopes such as the Planewave CDK17", CDK20" and CDK24" optical tube assemblies.

Although the giant clamp it fits smaller the GM2000 mounts, this clamping plate is specially recommended for really very heavy optical configurations on the GM3000 & GM4000 mounts.

The 8" clamp can also be used on the Baader heavy duty 8" double mounting plate (see #2451559).

The 8" clamp is pre-drilled on both the clamping sides and it is part of the Baader Planetarium Side-Wing system that allow multiple heavy telescopes to be securely mounted side-by-side - see below.

  • Black anodized, CNC machined aluminum
  • Dovetail width: 8” (203mm)
  • Pre-Drilled to fit GM3000 and GM4000 mounts (& GM2000)

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