Baader DADOS Rings with 3/8" a. 1/4" photo thread for tube diameter 38mm

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SKU 2458593
  • For DADOS Spectrograph
  • Two-piece clamp with tripod thread (3/8" thread with 1/4" reducer)
  • 1/4" additional thread on top of clamp 
  • Allows DADOS to be used on e.g. tripod
  • Can be used on optical bench or in any other test setups.
The two-piece pipe clamp is for use with DADOS slit spectrograph. The bottom of the clamp has a 3/8" tripod thread (a reducer to 1/4" is included) and on the top of the pipe clamp has a further 1/4" thread.
The adaptor allows DADOS to be used on a tripod or e.g. on a test bench or as an additional support when attached to a telescope.The adaptor clamps around the "tube" that connects the 2 "dice"-shaped parts of DADOS.

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