Baader Sidewing (Left or Right) Plate for 8" PlaneWave Clamp

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  • Attaches to Baader 8" Planewave clamp (#2451555)
  • Allows mutiple instruments to be securely and firmly mounted
  • Can be used on both or left or right sides of the Planewave clamp

These Baader Sidewing plates are connected to the Baader 8" Planewave clamp (#2451555). They can be used on the left- or the right-hand side (bearing in mind balancing if used only on one side) or on both sides as required. 

The Baader Sidewing 400mm base plate (#1500340) or the Baader Pan EQ clamps can be directly attached to these Sidewing plates.

  • Weight 2.8kg
  • Made from CNC aluminium

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