Baader Pan-EQ Clamp V190 for Vixen-Style Dovetail Bars

SKU 2451525



This is a high dovetail clamp, 190mm in length, that has a milled multi-contact dovetail face for firm and secure clamping of Vixen-style dovetail bars. The clamp has two large-area clamping blocks made of stainless steel and hard brass and has various mounting holes suitable for mounting on Takahashi, 10Micron, Astro-Physics, Vixen and Celestron mounts.

Unlike other dovetail clamps, the Baader V190 Pan-EQ clamp has an integrated 3" dovetail on the base of the clamp, which makes it suitable for mounting onto Losmandy-style dovetail clamps. This means you can mount your telescope (or other optical equipment) that may already have a Vixen dovetail onto a mount that has the wider 3" Losmandy clamp.

This clamp can also be used as part of the Baader Side-Wing system.

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